Why Am I Not Making Money with My YouTube Videos?

If you are asking “why am I not making money with my YouTube videos?” then you are not alone. So many YouTubers are asking themselves the same thing, not realizing that it can be a series of processes. What’s more, YouTube’s recent changes and demonetizing of some videos means that it’s harder than ever before. However, it’s not impossible; you may just be making these mistakes below.

You Don’t Understand Your Audience

The people who are watching your videos are doing so for a reason. You need to make sure that once you establish your audience, you continue to cater to their requirements. For example, if you post videos about woodworking, you can assume you are mainly appealing to the 55-65-year-old group, and primarily men.

While it’s wrong to stereotype groups, that’s typically what you will find with your demographic information. This is available on your YouTube channel. Once you know who is watching your videos, make sure you continue to cater to them, so they keep coming back for more. You can then earn a following and eventually money.

You Aren’t Selling Merchandise

When you begin to make a name for yourself on YouTube, you will find that people associate your channel with the logo or branding you include on your page. With brand recognition set in motion, you can then begin organizing to sell merchandise. Merch is a great way to earn money on YouTube.

You Aren’t a YouTube Partner

Becoming a YouTube partner enables your videos to play ads and make money. To become a YouTube partner, you need to go to your Creator Studio in your channel menu, verify your account, allow monetization and get an AdSense account. The process is easier than you think and can help you to set up a revenue stream – albeit small at first. You will then stop asking why am I not making money with my YouTube videos.

These are the top three reasons why you may not be making money on YouTube. Lay the groundwork, get your name out there, then let the dough begin to roll in.

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