Celebrities that had their sex pics leaked online

Celebrities that had their sex pics leaked online

In today’s world where there are cameras everywhere, many celebrities are having their naked images leaked online. There are countless of famous people who had their sex pics published on sites. The reasons for their photos being made available are several. The reality is that being a celebrity has many accolades and incentives. You get adulation from the fans, fame, preferential treatment and constant attention. In addition, there are many other benefits to being famous.

At the same time, celebrities are also bigger targets when it comes to their personal life. They are under constant attacks from hackers looking to get their hands on their private info. That includes their personal photos and videos. Many celebrities are like normal people who love to take photos of themselves. And since people enjoy taking nude photos of themselves, celebrities also love to take nude selfies. They also enjoy recording porn videos of them engaged in sex acts. The end result is having dozens of celebrities having their private naked images, porn videos or sex pics leaked online.

Today, there is no shortage of leaked celebrity nudes or leaked sex pics belonging to the rich and famous. In some cases, celebrities have posted their own sex pics themselves. A few have done so by mistake while others like Kim Kardashian, do it for fame and followers. Another way that celebrities have their sex pictures leaked are when they are done by someone close to them. In some instances, ex-boyfriends or angry friends may do it. It is one of the things which made several women famous. Case in point are Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. All of them gained more notoriety and fame once others leaked photos or sex videos of them.

The names of famous people who have had their sex pics leaked is quite long. One of the most notable celebrities to have her sex pictures leaked is Scarlett Johansson. Her account was hacked and the nude selfies she took of herself were soon on the web. While many were horrified and Scarlett was upset, those who love celebrity sex pics were elated. It is not often you get to see the beautiful and sexy Scarlett Johansson nude. All of her leaked celebrity nudes, provided that.


Renee Olstead is another famous and hot celebrity whose naked images were leaked. The same for the beautiful and popular singer Christina Aguilera. A few years back, the internet became abuzz when the private naked photos of movie stat Jennifer Lawrence were leaked. Another famous and hot singer whose images were made public is Rihanna. The sultry singing sensation has had her sex pics leaked several times already.

Perhaps one of the most talked about celebrities who had her naked nude photos leaked recently is actress Amanda Seyfried. Although many of her sex pics were taken down after her lawyers threatened to sue, the damage was done. You can still find countless of sex pictures showing Amanda sucking on a penis and much more.

The list of celebrity sex pics and leaked photos also includes Victoria Justice, Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Brook and Alyssa Arce. If that wasn’t enough you also have Emily Ratajkowski, Kaley Cuoco, Emma Watson and Rose McGowan.

One of the reasons you can find so many leaked celebrity nudes online is because of hackers. There is a ton of money to be made from selling the private sex pics of celebrities. That explains why stars such as Demi Lovato, Jillian Murray, Kristina Loken and April Love Geary have had their photos leaked. The fact that these celebrities are hot and sexy also makes their photos that much more desired. Recently, there were some naked images of stars such as Dianna Agron, Paris Jackson, Blake Lively and Rosario Dawson appear on the web. Once their accounts were hacked, individuals shared the celebrities’ private photos with the rest of the world.


Miley Cyrus, who is very famous for her singing and acting, found her sex pictures leaked. While she herself posted several images showing her nude body, other naked images of her were released by hackers. Some celebrities had their private sex videos leaked. That led to not only the porn video being made available, but also some hot celebrity sex pics. You can find the sex video of female rapper Nicki Minaj and others. But, in some cases, these appear to be fake so you have to be careful. Other celebrities whose nude images you can see are some from Dakota Johnson, Natalia Alvarez, Minka Kelly and the gorgeous Amber Heard.

Since Smartphones are everywhere and celebrities love taking nude photos of themselves, there will be many more leaked celebrity nudes available. Those who hack celebs are not going to stop because they know people want naked celebrity sex pics.

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